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SX Packaging is established in 2007, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of  packaging and printing products.

Main products: food grade stand up bag, spout pouch, zipper bags, chocolate wrapping paper etc

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SX Packaging

SX Packaging is established in 2007, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of food packaging bag, kraft paper bag, spout bag and other packaging and printing products.

We dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service,our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. In recent years,our company has introduced a series of advanced equipment including 2pcs cutting machines, 20pcs sewing machines, 5pcs large cross stitching machines, 2pcs automatic zipper sewing machines, 2pcs ultrasonic sewing machines,1pcs heidelberg uv machine.


  • What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Foil Packaging Bags, And How To Distinguish Aluminum Foil Bags And Aluminized Bags?

    Material: glossy aluminum foil composite material (PET/AL/PE), matte aluminum foil composite material (MPET/AL/PE). Features of aluminum foil: The surface of aluminum foil is very clean and hygienic, no microorganisms can grow on its surface, and it can be in direct contact with food without any worries that can endanger human health. As an opaque packaging material, it has good protection for products exposed to sunlight, such as oily products, solid beverages, coffee, etc. It is a good packaging material, no matter in high temperature or low temperature, aluminum foil will not There is a phenomenon of infiltration. Air and moisture permeability are low, which can protect the interior products well. The aluminum foil itself is not volatile, it itself and the packaged food will not dry or shrink, the packaging material is tasteless and odorless, and will not make the packaged food have any odor. Stable performance, suitable for storage in various high and low temperature environments, and has certain corrosion resistance. Why add a layer of pure aluminum foil to the packaging bag? Aluminum foil is also widely used for insulation, heat exchange, and as electrical conductors. Usually, the thickness of aluminum foil used in paper-packed beverage packaging and food packaging bags is only 6.5 microns. This thin layer of aluminum repels water, preserves umami, prevents harmful microorganisms and resists stains. It has the characteristics of opaque, silver-white, anti-gloss, good barrier property, high/low temperature resistance, oil resistance, heat sealability, ...

  • What Material Is Suitable For The Packaging Film For Seasoning Sauces, Vinegar Sauce And Chili Oil?

    Sauce, vinegar sauce, and chili oil are generally packaged as supporting packages, and are packaged in large-plate chicken, pickled fish, and braised fabrics. When choosing packaging films for sauces, vinaigrette, and chili oil, the concern is whether the packaging will be corroded and broken to form oil leakage and contaminate other products. If this happens, it will greatly reduce the consumer's purchasing experience. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable inner packaging for sauces. In order to achieve a good packaging, matching materials are also very important. The packaging materials of sauce, vinegar sauce and chili oil can be selected from 1. Polyester/Vinegar special polyethylene, 2. Nylon/Polyethylene, 3. Polyester/aluminized/polyethylene, etc. The first is a common common material, which can be made into a transparent film, and can also be printed with patterns, texts and other information. The second type is made of nylon, so it is softer and more flexible, and it is not easy to break or fry the bag. It is also a transparent film and can be printed with patterns. The third type is aluminized material in general terms, with a layer of aluminized film in the middle, which can avoid light, moisture, and improve product quality. It has a firmer feel and is not easy to break. Different materials have different prices, the first one is very practical if the cost is considered. The packaging form is generally made into a roll film and ...

  • Packaging Composite Film Bag For Probiotics, Aluminum Foil Bag

    Probiotics colonize the human body and change a type of active microorganisms that are beneficial to the host by changing the flora of a certain part of the host. It is very beneficial to the human body and is suitable for all ages. Therefore, probiotics are also a good beneficiary group. Good packaging is also necessary. Probiotic packaging is generally pure aluminum foil composite film, which is composed of polyester + aluminum foil + polyethylene. . The conventional thickness of aluminum foil roll film is 8-12 filaments (1mm=100 filaments), and different processes are done according to needs: glossy surface, matte surface, glossy surface + matte surface, etc. According to the different packaging modes of the automatic packaging machine, it can be made into a back-sealed bag, a three-side sealed bag, a special-shaped bag, etc. The reason why aluminum foil is used is because the density of aluminum foil is very high, and its function is very powerful in the composite film. It can be moisture-proof, waterproof, light-proof, fragrant, and straight.

  • What Material Is Good For The Packaging Film Of The Meal Replacement Powder?

    The packaging film for meal replacement powder is generally aluminized or pure aluminum composite film. The film is composed of 3 layers of structure, printing film + intermediate layer + polyethylene inner film. The printing film is mostly polyester or PP material, the middle layer is aluminized or pure aluminum, and the inner film is usually polyethylene antistatic film. Aluminized and pure aluminum are different materials. Aluminized is a layer of aluminum powder coated on the polyester surface, which looks metallic and has the effect of preventing moisture and light. Pure aluminum is pure aluminum foil film, which has the characteristics of opaqueness, fragrance, moisture resistance, and metallic luster. It is suitable for the packaging of various products.