spout pouch 500ml

500ml silver aluminum foil stand up pouch bag with corner spout

Application According to the form of the product Liquid ( fluid ), semifluid, powder, granule etc According to the field of product use Food, cosmetics, chemical products etc Food Fluid: water, vinegar, juice, coffee, beverage drinking, drinks, liquor, wines, beer, cocktails, energy drink, tea, sweet tea, smoothie, milk, breastmilk ( breast milk ), soy milk, soybean ( soy bean ), blood, syrup, soup, ...

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What should we pay attention to when printing stand up spout bag?

Application According to the form of the product Liquid ( fluid ), semifluid, powder, granule etc According to the field of product use Food, cosmetics, chemical products etc Food Fluid: water, vinegar, juice, coffee, beverage drinki ...

What Can The Spout Bag Be Used For? Can The Special-Shaped Spout Bag Be Cooked?

Application According to the form of the product Liquid ( fluid ), semifluid, powder, granule etc According to the field of product use Food, cosmetics, chemical products etc Food Fluid: water, vinegar, juice, coffee, beverage drinki ...

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