50ml white plastic stand up corner spouted bag

Application: for detergent

50ml spout poch for detergentspout cap plastic spout cap


According to the form of the product

Liquid ( fluid ), semifluid, powder, granule etc

According to the field of product use

Food, cosmetics, chemical products etc


  • Fluid: water, vinegar, juice, coffee, beverage drinking, drinks, liquor, wines, beer, cocktails, energy drink, tea, sweet tea, smoothie, milk, breastmilk ( breast milk ), soy milk, soybean ( soy bean ), blood, syrup, soup, fruit pulp, baby food etc
  • Semifluid: sauce, sweet bean sauce, jel, jam, tomato sause, salad dressing, pesto sauce, ketchup, oil, cooking oil, jelly, butter, cream, chocolate, honey, gravy, bbq sauce, mayonnaise, yogurt & dairy products etc
  • Powder: sugar, salt, snack etc


  • Fluid: disinfectant, toner, skincare, travel toiletries, handwashing fluid, face serum, cleaner etc
  • Semifluid: body lotion, makeup mascara, lipstick, body wash, sunblock etc

Chemical products

  • Fluid: sanitizer, alcohol, liquid soap, washing liquid laundry detergent, pesticide, hand sanitiser ( hand wash ), chemical fertilizers, polyamine, chinese herb, vitamin emulsion, nutrient solution etc
  • Semifluid: alcohol gel, shampoo, sunscreen etc
  • Powder: washing powder, hypochlorous etc


Filling machine, funnel or pour, tighten the lid on anti-theft ring buckle.

When the customer is used to open the lid counterclockwise, anti-theft ring that is off.


The bag and the spout cap are separate;

About the sizes, it is manually measured, there will be some little errors.

About the colors, different computer monitors and different photos lighting, chromatic aberration is inevitable.