gusset kraft bag window kraft papee bag window with gusset side gusset kraft paper bag with window


  • 10x20+6cm
  • 12x22+6cm
  • 14x24+6cm
  • 16x26+8cm
  • 18x28+8cm
  • 20x30+8cm


Food packaging, food storage

  • Powder: flour, cornstarch, salts, bath salts, detergent, starch, pepper, protein powder, cellulose etc
  • Granule: grains, rice, bean ( mung bean, soybean ), seeds, cereal, cereal etc
  • Spices: star anise, chili, aniseed  etc
  • Nuts: dried nuts, dryfruits ( dry fruit ), apricot, jujube, cashewm, raisins, sunflower seed ( melon seed ) etc
  • Vegetables: mint, pickle, flower ( chrysanthemum ), mushroom etc
  • Snacks: potato chips, cookies, ziplockchicken, tapas, muffin, sandwich, confeccionadas, popcorn, dried sweet potato, corn flakes, sweet candy ( bonbon ), sweetmeats etc
  • Others: tea, gift, tobacco, hemp, coffee, seafood ( shrimp ), electronic component products, health products, beauty capsule, ornament, cosmetics etc