• Material: brown kraft paper + PET aluminized + CPP
  • Thickness: 0.28mm ( double sides )
  • Size: width 9cm, height 14cm, bottom upfold 6cm ( 3cm*2 )
  • Features: standup, with resealable zipper, with cut tear notch, heat sealable

food grade aluminum foil lined with kraft paper bag

kraft aluminum foil zip lock stand up pouch yellow kraft aluminum foil zip lock stand up pouch stand up kraft zipper bag aluminium foil stand up ziplock kraft paper bag


transparent, non-toxic, tasteless, food-grade packaging bag, good sealing, not easy to break the bag and leak air, play a good role in anti-fouling, extend the shelf life, and keep fresh.


Food packaging, food storage

  • Powder: flour, cornstarch, salts, bath salts, detergent, starch, pepper, protein powder, cellulose etc
  • Granule: grains, rice, bean ( mung bean, soybean ), seeds, cereal, cereal etc
  • Spices: star anise, chili, aniseed  etc
  • Nuts: dried nuts, dryfruits ( dry fruit ), apricot, jujube, cashewm, raisins, sunflower seed ( melon seed ) etc
  • Vegetables: mint, pickle, flower ( chrysanthemum ), mushroom etc
  • Snacks: potato chips, cookies, ziplockchicken, tapas, muffin, sandwich, confeccionadas, popcorn, dried sweet potato, corn flakes, sweet candy ( bonbon ), sweetmeats etc
  • Others: tea, gift, tobacco, hemp, coffee, seafood ( shrimp ), electronic component products, health products, beauty capsule, ornament, cosmetics etc