coffee drip bag

empty coffee drip bags

drip bag coffee packaging

1. Tear along the mark below the arrow and remove the upper part.

2. Follow the dotted line and fold it at a 90 degree angle.

drip bag filter coffee

3. Pull the hanging ear filter bag open and hang it on the cup.

4. Add medium ground coffee powder in the filter bag, about 8g to 15g。

5. First pour a small amount of boiling water to soak the coffee powder, soak for 20 to 25 seconds, and then continue to pour into the required cup volume.

6. After completing the brewing steps, remove the hanging ear filter bag, squeeze the water and discard it, and enjoy the mellow hand brewed coffee

Sealing machine recommendation

Hand pressure sealing machine
Turn on the power, adjust the gear, and you can work.
Suitable for sealing various packaging bags in small batches.

Multi-function semi-automatic sealing machine
Several barrels of power supply, adjust the sealing temperature and transmission speed. Wait for the temperature to rise, then it can work.
Suitable for sealing large quantities of various packaging bags.